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This section is for companies that have P2P-related practices: use of open source or participatory management techniques; consultants in user-driven innovation; legal filesharing companies, Netlabels using Creative Commons licenses, etc..

The P2P Company hall of fame:

  1. Beatpick for its Fair Play music distribution model; Jamendo for similar efforts in the French-speaking world
  2. Zidisha: P2P Microfinance
  3. WikiSpeed: the open design and open hardware eco-car
  4. Sensorica: experiment with Open Value Accounting

Key Articles

Network World has a list of 10 Open Source companies to watch for

Check the following entries:

  1. Open Music Business Models
  2. Open Film Business Models
  3. Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding
  4. P2P Exchanges


  1. Criticism of Facebook [1]
  2. Criticism of Google [2]
  3. Criticism of Apple

Key Books

Key Resources

Find business details on Web 2.0 companies at Crunchbase,

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