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"Freelancers Union was founded in 1995 by Sara Horowitz to help the emerging independent workforce build solutions to the challenges of the new economy. From the start, access to quality healthcare has been one of freelancers' primary concerns.

That's why, in 2008, Freelancers Union founded Freelancers Insurance Company to provide New York's independent workforce with high quality, affordable health coverage.

This social-purpose company now provides freelancer-tailored coverage to more than 25,000 New York freelancers and their families. Since Freelancers Insurance Company is owned by the nonprofit Freelancers Union, we're able to focus on long-term sustainability and care over short-term profit.

In recent years, our members began telling us that their real need is not just coverage, but high-quality care that treats them as a complete individual. That's why we started Freelancers Medical — an innovative, no-copay primary care program that also offers free yoga, meditation, wellness classes, and health coaching.

Located in the Freelancers Union Halls in Brooklyn (408 Jay Street) and Manhattan (80 Maiden Lane), Freelancers Medical offers members access to a wide array of health benefits — not to mention free wi-fi in the waiting area (perfect for quick emails to clients).

The Freelancers Medical program proved so popular with our members that it is now integrated into every plan we offer (starting in 2014).

In concert with Freelancers Union's mission to empower independent workers, Freelancers Insurance Company will continue to innovate and evolve to meet the needs of the new workforce. This is what 230,000 independents united looks like." (