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"Greenwheels is a corporate Carsharing scheme in the Netherlands, with a fleet of around 1,000 so-called Greenwheels cars (mainly red Peugeots) at in 2008 permanent parking spots in 70 Dutch towns and cities.

To sign up for the scheme you send an application form with a copy of your (EU) driver's license, after which you receive a personal chip card. You can reserve cars online, and also check availability. As a user, you pay a deposit and a hourly fee.

The project was started in 1995, with only three cars based in the city Rotterdam. Two years later, the Dutch Railways, joined in with the scheme, which made more money available for deployment of more cars.

Greenwheels (in 2008) is as such the largest carsharing corporation in the Netherlands. Another competition that offers the same carsharing-service is Zip-Car from the United States. " (