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  1. iPhone and Android Apps for the Car-free Life
  2. DIY Car Sharing: How to Start Your Own Car Sharing Program
  3. How To Share a Car With A Stranger [1]
  4. How To Be a Carfree Family [2]

Key Statistics

""Until now, we’ve moved ourselves – and stuff – about the city in ridiculously wasteful ways. A snapshot from The Netherlands: of the 1,900 vans and trucks enter the small city of Breda each day, 90 percent of those deliveries could be done by bike, or e-bike. Once all system costs are included, a cargo cycle can be up to 98 percent cheaper per km than four-wheeled, motorised alternatives that now clog our roads."

- John Thackara [3]

Directory of Open Source Transportation Projects

Updated list is maintained via [4]


  1. Open Source Car: overview page
  2. StreetScooter, a $7,000 EV with a 74 mph top speed and an 80-mile range created by a collaboration of more than 50 companies
  3. 40 Fires Foundation: venture behind River Simple's Hybran project
  4. Open Source Hydrogen Car: the Riversimple project
  5. C,mm,n [5], Dutch Open Source Car project
  6. EDAG Open Source Light Car
  7. EVProduction club ([6]) is an organization with a wiki to design and produce open source electric vehicles and complements
  8. Fiat Mio - A crowdsourced concept car [7]
  9. Local Motors: = maker of the Rally Fighter, a car designed through Crowdsourcing, first to go into production
  10. Open Source Green Vehicle, an attempt to design an environmental friendly SUV using open source principles.
  11. OpenOtto: he project's goal: "to provide complete free and open access to the networked electronic devices in an automobile."
  12. OSCar
  13. OSCav : open source compressed air vehicle.
  14. Project Splitwheel Venture involving Caterham Cars (put on hold due to credit crunch].
  15. Sahkoautot, Electric Cars Now!, Finnish project
  16. Solar Vehicles [8], an open-source project to build fuel-less solar energy transportation.
  17. Trexa: A modular platform for designers of battery-powered Open Source Electric Vehicles
  18. Trev, Two-Seater Renewable Energy Vehicle
  19. Build Your Own Electric Car
  20. Converting a Mitsubishi to electric with step by step videos.
  21. Vehicle Design Summit 2.0: aims to create a 4-passenger, 200 MPGe, high-performance industry-standard car with minimal life cycle costs

Bicycles, motorbikes and scooters

  1. Atomic Duck: = an Open Source Velomobile: “a velomobile—an enclosed, human-powered vehicle (HPV). “ in open design. [9]
  2. Open Moto X: TTXGP electric race bike.
  3. eCagiva: eCars Now related conversion project for the Cagiva Freccia C10 -89
  4. eMoped: light weight electric motorcycle from Letsevo in Brazil
  5. Open Source Scooter, a project to make a Segway-type vehicle
  6. Spaceframe Bikes
  7. Worldbike, read What is open source bycicle design?
  8. Xtracycle: open design for bicycle
  9. How to build a 72Volt electric motorcycle
  10. Open Bicycle Computer: to show and log data that are important when you are on the road with your bicycle
  11. Open Source Velomobile and other Open Source Velomobile Development Projects

Airborne vehicles

  1. AeroModeller2: research into an autonomous self-generating hydrogen-based zero-emission low-cost low-tech nomad houseboat airship
  2. AeroQuad is an open-source hardware and software project dedicated to the construction of remote controlled four-rotor helicopters
  3. DIY Drones, amateur Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  4. Microkopter: German 'quadrokopter' miniature helicopter community

Space Transportation

Background at: Open Source Spaceflight Hardware Movement‎‎

  1. Open Aerospace
  2. OpenLuna Foundation
  3. Open Space Movement
  4. Wikisat
  5. CisLunarFreighter/Open source tools [10]
  6. NASA Will Tinker With Open-Source Rocket for Return to Moon [11]

For an updated directory, see also: [12]


  1. OpenROV, a DIY telerobotics community centered around underwater exploration & adventure. [13]
  2. Open Sailing
  3. Open Waterbike [14]
  4. Xmaran: a project to develop an open source sail cruiser that will form the basis for a modular floating community.


  1. Do-it-yourself Electronic Fuel Injection [15]
  2. Open Source Battery Project for Electric Vehicles
  3. LifeTrac, tractor, also called OSTrac, the Open Source Tractor
  4. Open Source Satellite Initiative, making D.I.Y. satellites [16]
  5. OSMC - An open source Motor Control project, meant primarily for robotics but applicable to low-power electric vehicles and other uses
  6. Society for Sustainable Mobility
  7. Transportable Infrastructures for Development and Emergency Support: 7 critical infrastructures


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