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= Fab Car is a collaborative project towards the implementation of a modular car

URL = http://fabjam.org/projects/fab-car


"The basic structure of the car has been designed and built in the Fab Lab Barcelona, and will be exhibited at Fab10 from the 2nd to the 8th of July 2014.

The vehicle is based on OSV’s open source chassis, the Tabby (OSVehicle.com). Around this, we are designing and producing the entire body of the FabCar at FabLab Barcelona and we will present the vehicle at the Fab10 conference on July 2nd at Barcelona’s Design Museum, DHUB. The FabCar concept revolves around giving people the ability to modify, customise and adapt the vehicle to their specific needs at any given time. In order to do this, we need designs for a system of pods, which anyone can customise or download and make themselves at their local Lab.

Different pods would provide different functionalities, such as a bike rack, a food truck or an interactive installation at an event. So for this year’s FabJam, we invite you to work on one or more of these pods. Choose one of the many use cases the pods could enable (carrying a kayak, carrying more passengers, a mobile drone factory, anything!) and design both the pod, and help with how this would be anchored to the vehicle. The car will be all electric and feature drive by wire technology. It is designed for the short trips commonly taken in urban environments. Our goal is to get the maximum carrying capacity from a small vehicle." (http://www.iaacblog.com/blog/2014/fab10-fab-car-making-of/)

More Information

  • partners: In collaboration with HP, OpenSource Vehicle and 5 other FabLabs around the world (Garagem FabLab (SP. Brasil), FabLab San Diego, FabCafe Tokyo, FaLab Manchester and Vigyam Ashram in India)