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= an Open Source Ecology project for a open source tractor


"OSTrac is an open source tractor/ loader. It is an articulated tractor that steers by bending in the middle. It also has a flexible coupling between the front and back, so that the wheels stay on the ground at all times." (


Ecological Aspects

Mahdi Gheshlaghi:

"LifeTrac is an open source tractor developed by a network of farmers, engineers and supporters called Open Source Ecology (OSE, 2013). According to OSE official website (OSE, 2013), ecological aspects of LifeTrac are:

 design for disassembly; It has a simple design made of “general purpose parts and bolt together structures (OSE, 2013).

 repairable by user ; LifeTrac is designed for low cost repair by its user (OSE, 2013).

 easy maintenance; It is designed for lifetime which means LifeTrac has a “Do It Yourself” (DIY), simple, solid structure and it is made of general purpose parts and bolt-together structures promoting modification, reuse and service (OSE, 2013).

 design for reuse; Due to its general purpose components and design for disassembly, LifeTrac’s parts and components could be reused in other products (OSE, 2013).

 possibility of extension and upgrade; Due to its modular design, LifeTrac could be extended or upgraded by user (OSE, 2013).

 possibility of localized production; Due to its simple, “DIY design” for “inexpensive manufacture”, LifeTrac could be made locally (OSE, 2013)." (