Candlestick Courier Collective

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= bike food delivery collective in the Bay Area (USA)



Sam Harnett:

"In the Bay Area, most restaurants are now using one of these three platforms to deliver their food to customers. But there are a small number of venues that have chosen to go with a local delivery option, one with a completely different ownership structure.

That service is called the Candlestick Courier Collective (CCC). And it was started not by eager web entrepreneurs with infusions of venture funding, but by people from the Bay Area's punk and fixed-gear bike scene who aspire to create a full-fledged co-op in which every rider has a share of ownership.

Bike couriers in front of the Candlestick Courier Collective in San Francisco's Tenderloin neighborhood. (Sam Harnett/KQED) The effort is the latest iteration of a bike courier service that has been in the Bay Area since the early 2000s — mainly operating as an anarchist collective — with four owner-workers and a network of some 60 independent bike messengers. The collective is in the process of transitioning into a co-op, in which independent messengers will have a share of ownership in the business.

Headquartered just a few blocks from Uber headquarters in San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood, the cavernous warehouse-like space is empty except a small office made of plywood, racks of bikes and a backroom outfitted with a drum set. Throughout the day, tattooed and pierced bike messengers pop in and out, grabbing radios and bikes, which are all communal."