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Directory of Platform Cooperatives.

See also the updated directory: Internet of Ownership

Key Citations

"How can we determine which projects are addressing future business models from the perspective of empowerment?

Does the project?

  • centralize identity and reputation with the individual people and devices?
  • give ownership/access of data to individuals?
  • create an interoperable protocol for users to port their identity and reputation elsewhere?
  • exist to connect trusted peers or help determine a fair rate or provide added value to the peers?

Asking these questions allows us to construct distinctly different economic models that enable collaborative production and cooperative consumption. It’s up to us to decide what we will fund, build, and support with our currencies." (

Are platforms replacing corporations

"What if the nature of the economic puzzles that corporations evolved to solve have shifted? Thanks to software, the internet and artificial intelligence, the expenses that Coase identified can now be reduced just as well with tools from outside the company as they can from within it. Finding freelance workers via online marketplaces can be less costly, less risky and quicker than recruiting full-time employees. Collaboration tools are opening up space for manager-free forms of work. And contracting costs are likely to fall markedly thanks to the advent of blockchain protocols – algorithms that replace trusted third parties, and instead automatically verify transactions using a huge digital ledger, spread across multiple computers. As a result of these innovations, a new way of working is emerging: a series of interactions that are open, skills-based and software-optimised. Where once we had the ‘corporation’, instead we are witnessing the ascendancy of the ‘platform’. The question is: should we see this as a promise, or a threat?"

- George Zarkadakis [1]

Key Resources

* Report: Designing positive platforms: a guide for a governance-based approach. By Ana Manzanedo and Alícia Trepat. Institute For The Future research on Positive Platforms, IFTF, May 2017


"A positive platform:

  • a positive platform should offer its contributors the authority to make decisions about their working conditions and the right to organize themselves collectively.
  • these professionals need benefits that go beyond basic financial compensation in exchange for the value they create."

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Key Initiatives

  • The Platform Cooperativism Consortium will "help to connect the practitioners in this eco system with each other and with organizations that can support their effort to change minds and bring real value and a fairer Internet to real people. For updated information in coming weeks stay tuned @platformcoop ."

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For more see our annotated video directory of the Platform Cooperativism 2016 conference.

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