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= "Fairmarket & FairCoop: Building the network economy that all of us deserve".

URL = http://market.fair.coop/



"FairMarket is the online market of FairCoop where people will find all the products and services that are offered by the members of this cooperative."


"FairCoop is an open global cooperative, self-organized via the Internet and remaining outside nation-state control.

Its aim is to make the transition to a new world by reducing the economic and social inequalities among human beings as much as possible, and at the same time gradually contribute to a new global wealth, accessible to all humankind as commons.

FairCoop understands that the transformation to a fairer monetary system is a key element. Therefore, Faircoin was proposed as the cryptocurrency upon which to base its resource-redistribution actions and building of a new global economic system." (http://market.fair.coop/page/aboutus)

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