Lina Dencik on Worker Resistance in the Platform Economy

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Worker's Voices 3 - Worker Resistance in the Platform Economy:

"(21 mins) Dr. Lina Dencik, Cardiff University, UK -- With the rise of the on-demand economy, organized labor and labor advocates are faced with some significant challenges in protecting workers’ interests. This presentation will explore some of these challenges, drawing on contemporary examples of worker resistance and the interplay between labor organizations and the platform economy. In particular, it will consider the role of unions and different kinds of unionism in responding to platform capitalism, asking not just how they can organize workers, but also for what purpose, and the extent to which the union can in fact be a vehicle to transform society. In so doing, the presentation will also consider platform cooperativism as a possible response by unions, situating it in relation to community unionism, social movement unionism, and syndicalist unionism."