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This is a directory of webcasts on peer to peer related topics with general material on DIY online video.

  • Want to make your own 'p2p' documentary? See: Docummunity: the first fully interactive collaborative documentary site that is totally geared to enable groups of users to collaborate together on one communal documentary [1]

Some Introductory Material

  1. If you're new to webcasting and video blogging, read our Introductory Resources on Webcasting.
  2. Valentin Spirik reviews Open Source Film Making at; EngageMedia has a review of available tools for the creation, playback and embedding of online video
  3. A guide to "fair use" for documentary makers
  4. Film Forge is a distribution (or profile) of the Free/Libre Open Source SoftWare content management system Drupal, tailored to the needs of videomaking communities. Plumi is a similar tool to create a video-sharing site for your community based on Plone

How To

  1. Video WTF is a collaboratively moderated place to ask and answer any question about video cameras, editing, production, publishing, promotion, etc.
  2. “Video editing with open source tools”, a new article written by Valentina Messeri and Eleonora Oreggia, has been added to the Digital Artists Handbook.
  3. 18 free ways to download video on the internet
  4. If you want to produce audiovisual content yourself, check our own section on P2P Audiovisual Concepts, maintained by Valentin Spirik. Also: How to make live TV, entirely using free software. The Filmmaker's Toolkit teaches you to make your own movie using Web 2.0 resoureces.
  5. Make Internet TV: This guide has step-by-step instructions for shooting, editing, and publishing online videos that can be watched and subscribed to by millions of people.
  6. Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Online Video; Study: Recut, Reframe, Recycle: Quoting Copyrighted Material in User-Generated Video (legal study for U.S. law)
  7. Ten P2P Distribution Platforms for Online Video Makers (
  8. Video Toolbox: 150+ Online Video Tools and Resources (
  9. Bypassing filters: video of screencast
  10. Robin Good of Master New Media, who has produced his own selection of the best video-editing software has compiled a list of freely available Video Tutorials, mostly of a technical nature, for those wanting to learn production and usage of social media. And here's a listing of similar guides in French. Andy Dickinson has a three part introduction to low-cost video-editing.
  11. 12 Screencasting tools to make your own video tutorials

Also from Robin Good:

  1. (30.04.07)Online Video Publishing: Create Your Own Streaming Internet TV Channel With Streamcast Player (
  2. (24.04.07)Broadcast Yourself Live On The Web: Best Tools To Create Your Own Live Web TV - A Mini-Guide (
  3. (23.04.07)Learn How To Create, Publish And Promote Your Online Video: Make Internet TV (
  4. (01.03.07)Publish And View Online Video Using Free Software: A Present To Richard Stallman (
  5. (06.04.06) Video Editing, Publishing And Remixing Online Is Here (

Making your video production sustainable

  1. Scott Kirsner, author of the Future of Web Video, has compiled an extensive comparative list of Revenue Sharing agreements of the many video sharing sites: see the article Getting Paid
  2. Robin Good on How to Monetize your Videos
  3. Online Video: Getting Paid, Open-Source Storytelling/Film Making Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 (

Other Recommended articles

Compiled by Valentin Spirik:

  1. 4 Major Internet TV Apps Compared
  2. Who Will Be The YouTube Of Live Video?
  3. Open Source: Ready for Its Closeup
  4. Online Video Industry Index (video sharing, search, editing etc.)
  5. The 17 Most Talked About Online Video Companies and How They Differ
  6. Understanding Video-Sharing Sites' Terms of Service
  7. Video Search Engines And Online Video Directories: A Mini-Guide
  8. Why Ogg Theora Matters for Internet TV

Other Directories

  1. The Miro Video Guide at
  2. The Open Media Directory keeps track of depositories for legal and 'podsafe' content which can be used in webcasts.
  3. Check the related E-Democracy Webcasts Directory
  4. Remember, we have a related directory on Podcasts.
  5. The Internet Archive has a collection of thousands of Open Source Movies; Legal Torrents: CC-movies distributed through BitTorrent.
  6. The Creative Commons Content Curators listing has a directory of open source video material
  7. Specialized Directories: Video Creation and Editing‎; Video-sharing Network‎; Video Streaming‎; P2P for Video-sharing‎; Video eCommerce‎; Video Intermediaries for Professionals‎; Video Search
  8. 0xdb: massive database collecting metadata on the movies available through filesharing networks
  9. Public Domain material: The Public-Domain Movie Database; Wikipedia: Public Domain Films, list of articles about post-1923 theatrical-released films that are in the public domain; Creative Archive Licence Group, material from the BBC, the bfi, Channel 4 and the Open University; Public Domain Torrents, free and legal public domain movies for download via BitTorrent; Video Compilation on Free Digital Culture; Wikimedia Commons Videos, animations and videos distributed under a free license or in the public domain, suitable for educational purposes.
  10. Video-sharing sites that accept Creative Commons: this listing includes a sublist for Independent CC Video Productions, a chronological list of Independent CC Movies, Related 'Open License' and Public Domain Video Resources, and much more.
  11. Most popular sites for watching free movies

Our Best of Selection

Our Own P2P Presentations

  1. Vision Statement
  2. Lecture on Peer production, governance, and property. Australia, 2007
  3. What is Peer to Peer?. Edited by Valentin Spirik.

Recommended Lectures

  1. Vinay Gupta on Changing the Culture of Violence and Speaking Truth to Power: very powerful intervention
  2. Eben Moglen on Social Change without Coercion - this is an absolute must see! (also: Eben Moglen on the Commons as an Actor in Transforming the Global Political Economy)
  3. Mark Pesce on Hyperpolitics, rousing speech on the effects of hyper-empowerment.
  4. Chris Cook on Peak Credit and Open Capital: excellent video presentation on an alternative ownership scheme
  5. Eric von Hippel on User Centered Innovation: in fact, for a long time already, users (and user communities) have been responsible for most industrial innovations!!
  6. Charles Leadbeater on the Rise of the Amateur Professional
  7. Astra Taylor on the Experience of Unschooling: personal experiences of growing up home-schooled without a curriculum or schedule
  8. Stefano Zamagni on Cooperatives as a Counterpoint to Corporatism


Lists and directories:

  1. 50 Awesome Online Lectures on Social Media

Recommended Documentaries

  1. 24 Hours on Craigslist, on the social aspects of Craigslist
  2. 60 Minutes on the One Laptop Per Child project
  3. Another Perfect World [2]: 30 minute preview of a documentary on the impact of virtual worlds
  4. BBS
  5. Blogumentary
  6. Borrowing Culture in the Remix Age: 24 minute student documentary
  7. The Code: finnish documentary about the Free Software Movement
  8. Code Breakers
  9. Connected
  10. CopyCat
  11. Copyright Criminals
  12. Delivered in Beta: testimonials on the motivation and reasons for sharing designers, by open designers, 8 minutes, well done
  13. Digital Tipping Point, A treasure trove of archival material in preparation of a full open source movie about the impact of free software and open technology on our civilization.
  14. DIY Britain: on the growing Resilience movement in the UK
  15. FabLab World Tour Documentary ; "Making Living Sharing"
  16. From Pamphlet to Blog
  17. Good Copy, Bad Copy and Steal This Film: documentaries on copyright
  18. Handmade Nation: Documentary on the DIY Craft Movement emerging in the U.S. and elsewhere. trailer]
  19. "History of the Internet" is an animated documentary explaining the inventions from time-sharing to filesharing, from Arpanet to Internet. The history is told using the PICOL icons on
  20. Humanity Lobotomy, excellent open source documentary on the threat against Net Neutrality
  21. Luck of Seven, open source journey through the world documenting free culture
  22. Makers, on the do it yourself renaissance
  23. A New We, documentary on 10 ecovillages in Europe
  24. The Next Web Documentary = five interviews on the future of the web
  25. Patent Absurdity
  26. Re Purpose: A look into the hardware hacking community in Montreal, including the Foulab collective
  27. Revolution OS = 2001 documentary on the free sofware / open source software revolution
  28. The Revolution Will Be Animated: presents multiple viewpoints on copyright in the digital age
  29. RiP: A remix manifesto: documentary on Remix Culture and its Copyright implications
  30. Second Skin: how lives have been changed by Massive Multiplayer Online Games.
  31. Steal This Film
  32. Thinking Cities
  33. This Land is Our Land. The Fight to Reclaim the Commons. Written by David Bollier et al.
  34. Truth in Numbers, about Wikipedia
  35. Twittamentary: a documentary about the impact of Twitter on our lives.
  36. Us Now: a documentary film project about the power of mass collaboration, government and the Internet.
  37. Vlogumentary, documentary project on the history of Vlogging, i.e. video blogging [3]
  38. Welcome to the Blogosphere - PBS
  39. Weblog Project
  40. When Copyright Goes Bad
  41. Wikirebels [4]

Related Topics:

  1. The Corporation: "a brilliant look at how corporations have all of the rights of a citizen with none of the responsibilities and how totally frightening that is"
  2. Crude Impact
  3. Decentralized Energy
  4. The End of Suburbia
  5. Flow: the fight against the privatisation of the water commons
  6. The Future of Food
  7. In Debt We Trust, remarkable documentary about personal aspects of debt crisis
  8. Money as Debt: fundamental to understand the inequities inherent in the current monetary system
  9. The Story of Stuff: the ecologically devastating lifecycle of current product


  1. Echo Chamber Project
  2. Outfoxed
  3. Peach
  4. War Tapes


  1. Many documentaries can be seen online through the Documentary Online Network
  2. Best Online Documentaries, by topic
  3. Free Documentaries: great collection of documentaries viewable for free online. Other good sources for free documentary films online are:,
  4. Documentary Tube
  5. Top Documentary Films: watch online or download

Recommended Instructional Videos

This is an absolute must see:

  1. The Machine is US


  1. RSS in Plain English; Howard Rheingold Introduces RSS
  2. Social Bookmarking in Plain English; Howard Rheingold Introduces Social Bookmarking
  3. Wikis in Plain English ; 21 Days of Wiki Adoption
  4. Social Networking in Plain English
  5. Online Photo Sharing in Plain English
  6. Blogs in Plain English
  7. Twitter in Plain English
  8. Howard Rheingold on Making Stuff in Second Life
  9. How to Behave on an Internet Forum

Open Source or Collaborative Open Movies

See also: Open Source Film Making

  1. Check out the participatory documentary makers of Plug-in TV !!
  2. Indymedia Video Distribution Network
  3. OpenFlix and the Public-Domain Movie Database directories, to identify fiction movies

Wikipedia lists:

  1. Open Source Movie
  2. List of works available under Creative Commons
  3. List of open content films

Individual projects:


  1. Artemis Eternal: community-funded and supported SF movie
  2. Boy Who Never Slept: a full length dramatic comedy released under the CC-NC-SA (Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike) 2.5 license.
  3. Cactuses: a dramatic movie released in 2006 under the Creative Commons CC-NC-ND (Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs) 2.5 license.
  4. The Cosmonaut: crowdfunded by 2 pound contributions onwards, and CC-licensed
  5. Elephants Dream: a 3D short film made using open source software, and released under the Creative Commons CC-BY license.
  6. God's Companion, a full length 3D movie made using open source software.
  7. Mashup Movie Project], a collaborative open content film to be released under CC-NC-SA (Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike) license.
  8. Nothing So Strange , "an "open source" film. While the filmmakers' final cut of the film itself is protected by an "all rights reserved" copyright, the raw footage that makes up the film is open source."
  9. Pioneer One: s-f TV crowdfunded via kickstarter and distributed via VODO
  10. Plumiferos: Argentinian project [5]
  11. Route 66: the first full length open source film ever, released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license in 2004, and available in English and German.
  12. Sanctuary: first shortfilm to use professional actors and crew in a Creative Commons licensed production (2005).
  13. Star Wreck: a series of Finnish Star Trek parody movies started by Samuli Torssonen in 1992 [6]; the most successfull internet distributed movie of all time (see also: Iron Sky
  14. Swarm of Angels: a movie to be released under the Creative Commons CC-NC-SA (Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike) license.
  15. Unfold, which produced the first Open Source Film Trailer
  16. Valkaama, a collaborative Open Source movie to to be released under the Creative Commons by-sa (Attribution-ShareAlike) license 3.0.


  1. Big Buck Bunny: shortfilm made with the Free Software program Blender; released under the Creative Commons CC-BY license
  2. BloodSpell: Machinima series available under CC


  1. Stray Cinema, an online competition that requires people to remix a 2-minute film using the source footage from a film shot in New Zealand. Footage released under the CC-NC-SA (Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike) 2.0 license.

Videosharing: Best Of

  1. Mashups, Stop Motion, Animations & Short Films: part of a list compiled by Alec Courosa, focusing on Remix Culture.


  1. Best Viral Videos of 2009; Most Watched YouTube Videos of 2009
  2. Best Online Videos of 2008
  3. Viral Video Chart: the most popular at any given time
  4. Top 10 viral political videos in 2008 ; Time Top 10 viral videos ; 100 Most Iconic YouTube Videos
  5. Lawrence Lessig's choice of best remix culture videos, see bottom of this article
  6. Most Watched Viral Videos of All Time
  7. List of YouTube Celebrities
  8. current understandings and definitions of openness in video through pre-selected video clips, curated by Creative Commons spokesperson and researcher Sanna Marttila and artist-researcher Petri Kola.
  9. Most popular online courses
  10. 15 Flash Mob Videos

For research, see this YouTube Bibliography: "A place to share research sources for the study of online video", maintained by Michael Strangelove.

Our Thematic Indexes

  1. P2P Videos on Business and Economics
  2. P2P Videos on Culture and Media
  3. P2P Videos on Internet Technology
  4. P2P Videos on Politics and E-Democracy


  1. The BBC recommends the five best machinima's of 2007.
  2. A Vision of Students Today: a short video summarizing some of the most important characteristics of students today, created by Michael Wesch in collaboration with 200 students at Kansas State University.
  3. Upload Cinema: see the best of online in a real cinema (Dutch initiative); Clip Kino: Finnish initiative

Key Resources


  1. Plugin Cinema

Also, recommended by Valentin Spirik:

  1. The CamcorderInfo Blog is "All About Shooting, Editing and Polishing Your Videos" and has a notable Ethics Policy.
  2. Self-Reliant Filmmaking "is what makes a filmmaker independent"
  3. CinemaTech is about "Digital cinema, democratization, and other trends remaking the movies"
  4. NewTeeVee focuses on the more mainstream aspects of the online video evolution.


  1. Book: 'Plug In and Turn On: A Filmmakers Guide to the Internet. by By Ana Kronschnabl & Tomas Rawlings. Marion Boyars Publishers, 2009'


  1. Top educational video sites


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