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Decentralized Energy - what are we waiting for?

Greenpeace documentary, 18 minutes.

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"Greenpeace have just launched an excellent new film called Decentralised Energy - what are we waiting for?, which sets out a very clear argument for decentralised energy. It runs for 18 minutes and is narrated by Clive Anderson. The film sets out a very clear argument for a profound rethink of the National Grid, using the argument that climate change means we have a rapidly reduce carbon emissions, rather than the, in my view, equally compelling argument that it is madness to use a depleting resource in such a wasteful way. The film looks at the jewel in the decentralisers’ crown, Woking, and argues that it offers a model for the rest of the UK." (

More Information

Webcast on Decentralized Energy

See also the printed report by Greenpeace on Decentralizing Power at