Alexander Bard and Andrew Sweeny on the Exodus from the Old Empire

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"Alexander Bard is a philosopher and founder of the Syntheist religious movement. Andrew Sweeny is a writer and musician with interests in mysticism and inner transformation. Together we explore the paradigmatic shifts in our time, grounded in what Alexander, along with co-author Jan Söderqvist, refers to as exodology, the dynamics of exodus."

Summary of themes:

Exodology and the migrations throughout history The patterns of successful migrations (ideas and physical) Nomadology and the eternal return of the same Eventology, technology and civilisation Zoroastrianism and ancient persian tradition as the link between eastern and western metaphysics The Barred Absolute and our incapacity to deal with all truth at all times The netocrats as the new elite – informationalists, sensocrats, protopians From church to academia, from academia to protopia Analysis, mysticism and creativity Inclusion, exclusion, and adultification The first fantasy, and the matrix Depression characterised by a lack of vision The ember and echo of care and vision The importance of deep history, philosophy, and theology, to remember and learn from the wisdom of the history of civilisation, and thereby go beyond the self and tribes of our time to create a shared global identity — but realising this is a huge and tragic problem to solve Locating people around you to practice with and form community The example of Burning Man, creating stories, and imitation Digital monasteries Logos, pathos, mythos Relating to archetypes and realising your archetypes Archetypes of energy, wisdom, and the difference The three steps of spiritual work – intention, ceremony, and integration Relational philosophy and a patricide on Nietzsche Building communities and membranes Rhetoric and the counterbalance of trickster Spirituality and market, & spirituality and commons The importance of hierarchies Moderators and the shamanic caste What makes a good moderator?