Armin Steuernagel on Purpose Capital

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Platform Cooperativism 2016 conference presentation at


Platform Cooperative Showcase 13 - Purpose.Capital:

"(15 mins) Armin Steuernagel -- Purpose.Capital is an evergreen fund that finances self-owned companies. We help in three dimensions

1. We are helping companies to adopt a corporate ownership form that helps them stay on mission for the long run. We call it self-ownership, or worker owned companies.

2. We provide patient capital in an evergreen form - we do not do exits (we only take dividends) and take no voting rights to keep the start-ups mission driven. We think companies are not a speculative good.

3. Our start-ups collaborate in a new way, since they are all purpose driven and can help each other without being afraid to only maximize the others personal wealth. We call it the purpose economy."