Alicia Gibb and Ayah Bdeir Explain the Open Source Hardware Revolution

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Open Source Hardware is hardware that is shared, copied and reproduced. In this talk, the founders of the Open Hardware Summit give a recap of a movement that will change the way the electronics industry functions forever.

Alicia Gibb is a researcher and prototyper at Bug Labs. She is a member of NYCResistor, co-chair of the Open Hardware Summit, and a member of the advisory board for Linux Journal. Her work has appeared in Wired magazine, IEEE Spectrum, Hackaday and the New York Times.

Ayah Bdeir is an engineer from the MIT Media Lab and her work has been exhibited at numerous venues including the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), the New Museum and Ars Electronica. Bdeir is a fellow at Creative Commons, the cochair of the Open Hardware Summit and founder of littleBits.