Ayah Bdeir

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"Ayah Bdeir is an artist, engineer and interaction designer who mixes tools and materials, experimenting with animating static objects and putting technology where it typically doesn't belong. Her work has been published and exhibited in conferences, festivals and galleries in Amsterdam, Paris, New York, Rhode Island, Boston, London and others. Among her work is Arabiia, a convertible, motorized outfit that makes a caricature of two stereotypical representations typically attributed to arab women; and <random> search, a subtle, reactive undergarment that records, shares and analyses the experience of invasive airport searches. Ayah has taught at Parsons with her colleague, Eyebeam alum Zach Lieberman, and currently teaches a class entitled 'Technology as Identity' as part of the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at NYU.

More info at http://www.ayahbdeir.com; works with the Little Bits open hardware project.