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Code Breakers investigates how poor countries are using FOSS applications for development, and includes stories and interviews from around the world.


It was aired on BBC World starting 10 May 2006


The main component of the documentary is its featuring several FOSS initiatives, namely:

1. SchoolNet in Namibia, concerned in teaching children how to assemble computers and run and modify FOSS applications.

3. Digital Doorway (Meraka Institute, Africa), which aims to provide ‘minimally invasive education’ for the poor in Africa.

4. Computer Buses (Central India). This is a project wherein a bus containing 24 computers and teaching facility takes a round of rural communities to teach schoolchildren how to use computers using FOSS.

6. Agri Bazaar (MIMOS, Malaysia), for online trading of agricultural products.

7. Spain’s initiative to connect its depressed region Extremadura, wherein 100,000 computers were connected to the Internet using FOSS. It generated savings of about 20 million euros.