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About Politics

P2P Inspired Political Movements

  1. Paul Cienfuegos on How Local Communities Are Dismantling Corporate Rule
  2. Eben Moglen on the Dotcommunist Manifesto
  3. Robert Fuller on Rankism
  4. Robert Fuller on the Dignitarian Society

Internet Activism

  1. Activists and Authorities in the 21th Century
  2. Civics 2.0
  3. Colbert on Wikilobbying
  4. CyberActivism and Culture Jamming
  5. Ron Deibert on Securing Human Rights Online
  6. Smart Mobs

Internet and Democracy

  1. Jim Olson on Regaining Legal Rights to Your Commons
  2. Stafford Beer on Cybernetics, Democracy and the Will of the People
  3. Pia Mancini on How To Upgrade Democracy for the Internet Era
  4. David Weinberger on Blogs and U.S. Politics
  5. E-Democracy 2006 Videos
  6. Hacking Democracy
  7. International Symposium on Local E-Democracy
  8. Jeffrey Sachs on the New Age of Mass Mobilization for Global Problems
  9. John Lebkowsky on Extreme Democracy
  10. Local Political Information in the Internet Era
  11. Personal Democracy Conference Interviews
  12. Ross Mayfield on Networked Democracy
  13. Stephen Coleman on E-enabled Co-governance
  14. Taiaiake Alfred on Indigenous Governance and the Philosophy of Relationship
  15. Takis Fotopoulos on Inclusive Democracy
  16. The CivicSpace Project and Emergent Democracy
  17. This is what democracy looks like

Internet Governance

  1. David Isenberg on Who Will Run the Internet
  2. Internet Governance for Dummies
  3. Susan Crawford on Regulating the Internet


  1. Opposing Trusted Computing

Digital Divide

  1. Bridging the Digital Divides
  2. Nicholas Negroponte on the One Laptop Per Child project
  3. One Laptop per Child Project


  1. Richard Stallman on DRM and Digital Rights
  2. Sam Ghods on spotting and avoiding restrictive DRM

Network Neutrality

  1. Network Neutrality Video
  2. Tom Evslin on Net Neutrality