Bridging the Digital Divides

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Bridging the Digital Divides



Michael Best, MIT; Barbara Crow, York University; Paul Foley, DeMontfort University; Liyanage Harsha, Sri Lanka; Leslie Regan Shade, Concordia; Sharon Strover, University of Texas, Austin; Panayiota Tsatsou, London School of Economics


The Oxford Internet Institute meeting on 4 March will focus on systematic and critical case studies of initiatives designed to narrow digital divides within developing countries and between developing and developed countries relating to the use of the Internet and other information and communication technologies (ICTs). Where possible, contributions should offer individual or comparative case studies providing insight into the most significant divides and how they can be closed, or which question the significance of digital divides.

Accounts of these kinds of initiatives are not always closely scrutinised or challenged by hard questions concerning their scalability or transferability to other contexts. By informing discussion about competing approaches, the seminar aims to move debate away from overly-simplified prescriptions on how divides can be bridged, as these typically lack clarity in how the aim of closing divides can be accomplished in practice.