Amit Basole on Knowledge Satyagraha and the People’s Knowledge Movement

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"Equal respect to all streams of knowledge in society is a pre-condition for realizing the ideal of equality in the Knowledge Age. As the Church once stood against the idea of equality, the University now stands against the idea of equal respect to all streams of Knowledge. The walls of the University must come down if a collaborative, self-correcting, non-hierarchical world of Knowledge is to emerge in society. This requires a people's knowledge movement. The University is the most prized product of the Capitalist era and it will not be radically changed without a politics of people’s knowledge. Struggles are raging today all over Europe over the future of the University and of Knowledge Production. Those opposing privatisation of schools, colleges and universities, those advocating free and open source software, those fighting against patents and patent laws must forge links with struggles of the knowledgeable people across the world, the peasants, artisans, and indigenous peoples everywhere. Only then can their struggles create a new world of Knowledge. Knowledge Satyagraha is a way to forge these links."