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"In May, Alan Rosenblith - the producer of the The Money Fix - came to visit us (Ernie and Michael) in the Comox Valley. We spent three busy days shooting some very basic "talking head" video to document the "need to know" open money memes - those essential for anyone working with open money.

These materials are released under a Creative Commons license, to encourage their widespread publication and use. This particular release is most definitely NOT directed at the general public, and should not be reviewed as though it were. Rather, the materials are published to provide the initial core for an open money development media project that applies open money methods, so that the content and process are mutually consistent.

People and organizations with interest in open money in general, and open money development in particular, are invited to participate in this project. There is a clear need for many resources, including writers, graphic artists, editors, transcribers, translators, reviewers and remixers. And much else besides. As this is an open money project, those who contribute can expect to share in whatever project revenues are realized.

The first sections have been posted on, but better downloads will soon be available, probably on, possibly within a couple of weeks.


The sections posted are:

om1 - introduction - need to know memes of open money

om2 - conventional money - ever a going concern

om3 - community money - our own money-go-round

om4 - patterns - patterns of trade

om5 - testing - games for fun and profit

om6 - LETSplay - the only money game where everyone wins

om7 - community way - a significant demonstration of money going round

om8 - namespace - who's who and what's what

om9 - development - doing it right

om10 - wmgtdwi - what money's got to do with it

om11 - next - short term propositions

om12 - summary - what was said

om0 - pieces - historic artifacts