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"* Google Video - after the acquisition of YouTube, Google now focuses its Google Video property on video search. This is a smart strategy, because the Google brand largely means search. YouTube was already the number one video sharing site and Google Video has exclusive access to all YouTube and Google Video data - which makes Google Video search much superior to others.

  • AOL Video Search is a successful video search service from AOL. AOL had this capability after acquiring the successful startup Truveo in early 2006.
  • blinkx differs itself from the crowd with its innovative interface, which shows a preview of videos in the search results. They also get satisfactory results from a variety of sites.
  • Pixsy is a successful, independent video search startup. It returned satisfactory results in our test queries.
  • Mamma - the site claims to provide lots of search options, but their focus is video. In our tests it was satisfactory.
  • ClipBlast claims to have the largest online video collection, but the results don't back this up.
  • TV Eyes is different, because it crawls not video sharing sites like YouTube - but real TV channels."