Video Intermediaries for Professionals

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"For professional use, you'll need to contact intermediary companies to do this job for you. Their main duty is to connect publishers, video creators and advertisers.

  • BrightCove connects video creators with web publishers. This is a huge company that raised ~ $60M from investors including New York Times in their latest round of financing. Their syndication marketplace consists of 1319 channels as of this writing.
  • NBBC - powered by NBC, connects businesses that create video with businesses that want video, in other words a video marketplace. Note: the logo can mislead you and take you to a porn site; Be careful, and I humbly recommend that NBBC switch to another logo!
  • VideoEgg - Connecticut based company empowers the video publishing of big consumers like TED events, Bebo, Hi5 and America Online. Raised $12M in Series C from August Capital and Josh Kopelman's First Round Capital.
  • Roo.TV is yet another big player in the video intermediaries field. They are traded in NASDAQ (RGRP) and their market value is $90M as of this writing. Some of their partners are Pioneer, Verizon, Warner Bros.
  • Maven Networks partners include 20th Century, The Weather Channel, TimeOut New York, Walt Disney, Nike, and Sony Pictures. Accel Partners and General Catalyst Partners invested $10M in this company in 2004.
  • NarrowStep is traded in OTC and currently has a market valuation of $41M. Partners include Land Rover.

Other players include thePlatform and The FeedRoom, which empowers top companies like HP, Wal-Mart, Sun, USA Today."