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= Argentinian example of Open Source Film Making



Tomas Rawlings:

"Over in Buenos Aires, the ideas behind open-source are brought to the big screen as a feature length animated film: Plumiferos. The tale of Juan the sparrow, Feifi the canary and their adventures; the everyday story of what happens seven feet above our heads. Gustavo Giannini, the films executive producer is in no doubt where the project is aiming to go, "We expect that this project will be profitable, and this is the idea to demonstrate that the open-source software is not only a software for university students, nerds or hackers; is a serious tool to generate industry." This is both a big, and transnational project; it is supported by Intel Argentina, has technical support from programmers in Finland, Canada, Netherlands and Spain plus, Giannini says, that Warner Bros are expressing an interest in distribution." (