Al Cano Santana on Guifi's Autonomous Internet Infrastructure in Catalonia

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* Article and recorded presentation: Peer-to-peer network and Free Social Web for collective empowerment

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Paper presented by Al Cano Santana within the context of the 4º Inclusiva-net Meeting: P2P Networks and Processes, celebrated in Madrid from July 6 to 10, 2009.


"This article explores and identifies technological, psycological and social mechanisms activated to disable freedom in the creation of the psycosocial individual, within the framework of the cognitive capitalism or the capitalism of the non material goods. On the other hand, the article experiments the liberation of subjectivities thanks to critical methodologies, like the creation of technological and discursive tools and the execution of new organizational practices. All this thanks to the open door of the Free Software Phylosophy, conceived to free technoscience, cultural productions and sex-affection relationships."