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" the team from Star Wreck comes after 3 years with their second project: Iron Sky, tagged in its press release as a dark science fiction comedy. The tag line of the movie — “In 1945 the Nazis fled to the moon. It’s 2018, and now they’re coming back.” — seems to translate into artistic vision the conspiracy theories that surround The Third Reich — with the promise of a Fourth — and the demystification of the flights to the Moon that were subjects of inspiration and debate for quite a great deal of documentaries in the last years.

A teaser for the movie was released as of the 5th of May and you can watch it on the coming movie’s website. That’s the place where you can find out more about the story of the movie, the main team and other piquant details. Iron Sky is an open community-based project. An active, vibrant and collaborative community of 10,000 people is expected to gather around the project. If you feel interested in making a contribution and getting a place on the ‘hall of fame,’ don’t shy away from this opportunity and subscribe to, where anybody with a movie idea can start their own production and get the community involved in the project." (

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