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Book: 'Plug In & Turn On: A Filmmakers Guide to the Internet. by By Ana Kronschnabl & Tomas Rawlings. Marion Boyars Publishers, 2009'



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"All you need to know about why, and how to become your own movie maker on the web. A practical, irreverent guide to Internet filmmaking for all levels of experience. This book is intended for use by anyone with an interest in making and showing film on the Internet, regardless of their level of skill. In two sections; Thinking (A Cultural Guide) and Doing (A Practical Guide), the authors show how to tackle film making in an accessible, irreverent style that is easy to understand and jargon free.

The book also features contributions from Richard Stallman (of the Free Software Foundation), Stephen Marshall (of Guerrilla News Network), Dr. Lev Manovich (author of 'The Language of New Media'), Rob Newman (comedian, activist and author of 'The Fountain at the Centre of the World') and Michael Stutz (author of the 'Linux Cookbook')" (