Aram Sinnreich on the Next Generation Independent Internet

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= Great TEDx talk by Aram Sinnreich, assistant professor at Rutgers University about MondoNet, a vision for an independent, distributed internet under user control.

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"Sinnreich envisions a new internet that uses mesh networking to produce a stable, ad hoc, global wireless network in which each user is a router, server and client combined, and in which no single state or organization can effectively censor or surveil the population on a broad scale.

To date, Sinnreich and his team have developed a set of “social specifications” describing the functionalities required of MondoNet, and are in the process of mapping these specifications to open technological platforms. Their present aim is to develop a fully open, global development process akin to the collaborative environments surrounding Linux and Wikimedia.

The 10 Social Specifications for a Democratized Network

1. Decentralized

2. Universally Accessible

3. Censor-Proof

4. Surveillance-Proof

5. Secure

6. Scalable

7. Permanent

8. Fast (Enough)

9. Independent

10. Evolvable


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"Aram Sinnreich from the MondoNet Project joins us to remind us of the words of John Lennon: “Imagine no Centralized ISP’s and Government Controlled Internet, Imagine All the People living in P2P Communications Liberty”. Well those are not Arams words, but if you are not aware of projects such as this, you are in for a treat. This is not your average Darknet that sits on top of the existing internet. This is an Alternate Internet, P2P, Device to Device."

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To read a draft version of the full MondoNet initiative please click here: