3D Printing Step-by-Step

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Video via http://videos.neoseeker.com/movies/1047-figure-prints-production-part-1/


"3D printing is usually talked about as a “magical” technology. You design something in CAD, hit print, and out comes a fully formed object a few minutes later. In reality the 3D printing process requires a lot of manul labor. A tremendous amount of pre-preparation and post processing are required to make a quality printed piece. The gameblog Neoseeker has a great video which shows the 3D printing process in depth, from beginning to end, including all the drudge work.

The video demonstrates the production process used by a company called FigurePrints that turns video game characters into sculptures using a ZCorp 3D printer. Each 3D printer utilizes a slightly different process, but most of the steps in this overview carry over to printers made by other companies." (http://replicatorinc.com/blog/2009/01/3d-printing-step-by-step/)

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