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"So who do you think serves you all these videos? Video hosting is not an easy job!

  • Akamai is known as the world leader and serves big customers including Microsoft, Google and Yahoo. The company is traded on NASDAQ and has a market cap of $9B.
  • Limelight is the site that powers YouTube, MySpace, iFilm and many others. They are growing fast and their last investment round was $130M, led by Goldman Sachs.
  • VitalStream was bought by Internap in 2006 for $217M.

Others include Savvis and RawFlow." (

Federated Video Streaming

Before true p2p video sharing, a potential intermediate step is sharing video over federated servers.

You can modify open source video sharing software to support open protocols. Then you can watch videos hosted on the other federated servers, similar to how OStatus works for social networking/microblogging.


PeerTube is an example of this, using the ActivityPub protocol that has mostly replaced OStatus in federated microblogging apps like Mastodon and Pleroma. --Strypey (talk) 14:37, 22 October 2019 (UTC)