Alastair Parvin on the Future of Regulation and Governance of the Urban in an Era of Open Systems

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Open Systems Lab - Alastair Parvin, The Future of Regulation | Radical Practice Conference 2019 by Architecture Programme | Royal College of Art & Dark Matter Laboratories


"The Future Of Regulation:

Whether we like it or not, cities are the home of the fundamental challenges we face as a species – and must be the site of reinventing our biological condition for flourishing. What new modes of sensing, evidencing and correlating might allow us to challenge traditional urban development models? How should design for legitimacy, accountability and radical transparency in order to inform how we develop, plan and regulate architecture? The Future of the Profession will discuss the possibilities (and the need) to actively design new models of governance for today’s urban development. Bianca Wylie, Alastair Parvin and Finn Williams will discuss what technical and behavioural shifts the public sector and architects could adopt to facilitate this transition, and what new partnerships and ways of working are possible.

Alastair Parvin, is a designer and entrepreneur and co-founder of Open Systems Lab, a non-profit enterprise developing digital technologies to transform housing, construction and planning in the 21st century. He is co-inventor of the WikiHouse building system, and a leading advisor in design economics and digital innovation in the construction industry. His written work includes ‘A Right to Build’ (RIBA Award for research 2011) and white paper on ‘Scaling the Citizen Sector’ (2016). Alastair currently sits on the Scottish Government Task force for Digital Planning."