Alexander Bard on Syntheism the Creation of God in the Internet Age

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"Alexander Bard talks with Brendan Graham Dempsey about syntheism, a movement exploring the "creation of God in the internet age." Envisioning "God" not as the creator at the beginning of time, but rather as the networked Event in the future to which we all are tending, Bard's syntheist philosophy challenges us to consider the coming Sensocracy, which is even now emerging in both pluralist and totalitarian guises. Taking issue with "evolution of consciousness" models and the idea of developmental spirituality, Bard argues rather for technology's development as the core dynamism in a world that knows only Process and Event."


0:00 Introduction

1:22 Contextualizing Syntheism: Religion and Technology Since the Bronze Age

7:40 Cultural Code Development: Process and Event---and Technology

13:30 Metamodernism vs. Syntheism: Human Development or Technological Development?

29:48 Metamodernism vs. Syntheism: The Development of God and the Ultimate Event

40:17 The Barred Absolute: God as Relative Utopia (Syntheos)

45:20 Creating Syntheos: The Coming Sensocracy (Totalitarian or Pluralistic?)

54:31 Development vs. Novelty vs. Event

1:04:27 Humanism, Metamodernism, Syntheism and Religion

1:19:39 Dividual Co-Creation: Living Archetypally

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