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= documentary project on the history of videoblogging by videobloggers

URL = http://vlogumentary.pbworks.com/


"The idea of making a videoblogging piece similar in spirit to Chuck Olsen's Blogumentary has been floating around since at least the first vloggercon. What if we used our own wiki (with our own rules or lack of rules) to collect stories and videos (!) about the history of videoblogging? You can post stories, pictures, old videos, new videos, quote blogs and vlogs and your local paper - whatever you need to get the point across. Maybe some day someone will take all of that a make a film or a book out of it. If that happens we can add that to the wiki too!

We don't have to come up with some ultimate definition of videoblogging that everyone agrees on. Just document what happened and what's currently happening. The definition can be found in there and can change as we change. Maybe we can even try not to delete each others stuff. If you disagree, write your own version of the events. Soon we'll all forget what happened; how it evolved and we'll either have something like this wiki to tell our history or we'll be stuck with whatever is allowed on Wikipedia or gets published in the "real" media." (http://vlogumentary.pbworks.com/)