Aaron Benanav and Simon Sutterlütti on Antiauthoritarian Coordination, Planning and Rewarding

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Video via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLtCc0x_xwc


"Aaron Benanav & Simon Sutterlütti: Antiauthoritarian Communism – Coordination, Planning and the Question of Rewards Benanav and Sutterlütti have both put forward models for decentralized communism: Commonism and Association Socialism. Here they compare and discuss their approaches, focusing on two sets of questions: 1. Does communism need a transitional phase with a reward for work and how does this affect communist society as a whole? 2. What is the concrete planning process? How does such a society achieve global commitment, e.g. on climate issues, and how does it prevent new power structures? Who owns the means of production and who distributes the products?"


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Works: Benanav: Automation and the Future of Work (2020), Benanav: “Socialist Investment, Dynamic Planning, and the Politics of Human Need”, Rethinking Marxism 34 (2022),

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