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= 99% – A Short Film by Celik Kayalar

URL = http://www.the99percentmovie.com/


1. Vincent Leddy:

"A MUST SEE short movie from a Berkeley based director. He paints a portrait of a young teacher, Jessiqa Pace, struggling to make ends meet. Her performance is compelling and believable. Noam Chomsky is brilliant, as himself, in summarizing what has been going on in the country for years. Watch this short and go vote on November 6th. Power to the 99%!" (http://www.the99percentmovie.com/)

2. Sabrina:

"Just watched “The 99 Percent Movie” by Celik Kayalar. For. just a 20 minute investment, it was stirring. IMHO, it hardly puts a revolutionary face to the movement, but it is much more palatable than how corp. media portrayed them (us).

I’ll never forget the personal struggles during the occupy movement, as I was trying to help 3 female friends who had resorted to motel living on a day by day basis. I couldn’t afford their motel bills in addition to my rent and as far as I know, they ended up on the street. they haven’t contacted me since. Hopefully, they are alright now. They refused to join the occupy tent city, because they are apathetic toward politics. They didn’t even understand the most basic political things that we (another Malloy-listener) take for granted." (http://www.the99percentmovie.com/)