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A Thematic index to Videos on P2P Trends in Business

About Business Practices and Strategies

On Cooperation

  1. David Coleman on the Best Research in Collaboration
  2. Howard Rheingold on the history and future of cooperation
  3. James Surowiecki on the Wisdom of Crowds
  4. Literacy of Cooperation
  5. MIT on Collective Intelligence
  6. Pat Kane on the Play Ethic
  7. Paul Hartzog on Collective Action Theories
  8. Paul Hartzog on the Governance of the Commons
  9. Peter Corning on Darwinism and Cooperation
  10. Peter Kollock on Social Dilemmas in the Commons
  11. What is the Secret behind Contagious Behaviour

Case Study: The Wikipedia

  1. Florence Devouard on Wikipedia as Social Innovation
  2. Jimmy Wales on Cooperation in Wikipedia
  3. Jimmy Wales on Wikipedia's Governance
  4. Mitch Kapor on the Vision and Values at Wikipedia

Cooperation in Business

  1. Anne McCrossan on Reinventing the Organization
  2. Don Tapscott about Complexity and Collaborative Problem Solving
  3. Collaborating in the Networked Organization
  4. Collaborative Innovation at Michelin
  5. Cooperative Innovation at Aventis
  6. Jessica Lipnack and Jeffrey Stamps on Collaboration in the Networked Enterprise
  7. John Seely Brown on Globalization and Collaboration
  8. Lead Users Studies
  9. Major Sources of Innovation
  10. Ricardo Semler on Participatory Management
  11. Ross Dawson on the Web 2.0 Revolution and Business
  12. Thomas Malone on Decentralizing Corporations
  13. Wikis for Business

Open/Free and Participative Business Models

  1. Annemarie Naylor on Digital Asset and Enterprise Development by Communities
  2. Jeffrey Hollender on Radical Transparency for Responsible Business
  3. Bernardo Huberman on Prediction Markets
  4. Cambrian House Business Model
  5. Chad Hurley on Revenue Sharing at YouTube
  6. Craig Newmark on Craigslist

Marketing/Advertizing/PR Trends

  1. Alan Moore on Engagement Marketing
  2. Is Web Advertizing Doomed
  3. Online Video Allows PR to Bypass Media
  4. Steve Rubel on Micro Persuasion
  5. Zero Advertising Brands

About Economics

The extractive 'Sharing Economy'

  1. Trebor Scholz on Digital Labor
  2. Yochai Benkler on the on the Uber-ification of Services

Open and Free Economics

  1. Business Models for the Commons
  2. Chris Anderson on the Long Tail
  3. Don Tapscott on Crowdsourcing
  4. Don Tapscott on Wikinomics
  5. Economics of Sharing
  6. Peer Production and the Networked Economy
  7. Peter Barnes on Capitalism 3.0
  8. Steven Webber on the Success of Open Source
  9. Yochai Benkler on the Wealth of Networks

Economics of Free Software

  1. Foss in IT Businesses in Asia
  2. Free Software Economics - WOS 2004
  3. Free Software and the Local Economy
  4. Free Software for Development
  5. Free Software in the Public Sector - WOS 2004
  6. Will All Software go Open Source

Economic Alternatives

  1. Erik Olin Wright on Transforming Capitalism through Real Utopias
  2. Mayumi Hayashi Explains the Fureai Kippu Elder Care Currency in Japan at CCS 2013
  3. Alternative Economics Alternative Societies
  4. Archbishop Desmond Tutu on the Basic Income
  5. Introduction to Calgary Dollars
  6. Money as Debt
  7. Time Banking Video

Development Issues

  1. Iqbal Quadir on the Power of Mobile Phones to End Poverty
  2. Mobile Phones and Development
  3. Mohammad Yunus on Microfinance
  4. Participatory Effects of Mobile Phones in Kenya

Money and Finance

  1. Brett Scott on Open Sourcing Finance
  2. Sgouris Sgouridis Explains Energy Money at CCS 2013

P2P Trends in Energy and Ecology

  1. Sean Cubitt on the Environmental Impact of Digital Technology
  2. William Rees on How Research on the Eco-Footprint Shows We Are Beyond the Earth's Carrying Capacity
  3. Decentralized Energy
  4. Derrick Jensen on the Ecological Endgame
  5. Herman Daly on the Commonwealth of Nature
  6. Joanna Macy on the Great Turning to a Life-Sustaining Civilization

Towards Distributed Manufacturing

  1. Aaron Bastani on Fully Automated Luxury Communism
  2. Chris Anderson on Microeconomics for Makers
  3. Clothing Printer's for Neighborhood Production
  4. Stefania Druga on Hackidemia's Learning by Doing
  5. Julia Grace on Hardware Hacking
  6. Neil Gershenfeld on Personal Fabricators
  7. Open Source Physical Objects