Jimmy Wales on Cooperation in Wikipedia

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Webcast 1

"Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, lectures on how cooperation works at Wikipedia."

Available through http://www.cooperationcommons.com/resources

Webcast 2

Jimmy Wales at TED 2006 (however: the video lecture seems to take place at the Oxford Internet Institute)

URL = http://tedblog.typepad.com/tedblog/2006/08/jimmy_wales_on_.html

"Jimmy Wales explains how Wikipedia's collaborative system works, and why it succeeds."

Webcast 3

The Intelligence of Wikipedia from the Oxford Internet Institute.

"Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales explains the history and growth of Wikipedia with a particular focus on the internal community process which ensure a constant growth in quality." (http://webcast.oii.ox.ac.uk/?view=Webcast&ID=20050711_76)

Webcast 4

See also the Webcast with Jimmy Wales on Wikipedia's Governance