Craig Newmark on Craigslist

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Webcast 1

The founder of craigslist talks with Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales about how a simple interface and an easy-going zen attitude have helped to make life better for millions of users across the world. First question focuses on the culture of trust.


Webcast 2

Vlog series by Howard Rheingold


Craig Newmark visits Howard Rheingold’s Digital Journalism class at Stanford

Webcast 3

Interview on Rockbetboom


Webcast 4

MIT presentation in November 2008, at

Podcast 1


"This is a great interview where Jon Spector, Vice Dean and Director Wharton’s Aresty Institute for Executive Education interviews Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist. The interview took place at the Community 2.0 Conference a couple of weeks ago. Topics include the origins of Craigslist, customer co-development and the future of community." (

Podcast 2

Craig Newmark on his experience with Craigslist: interview by David Weinberger.