Craig Newmark on his experience with Craigslist

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"Craig Newmark started craigslist in early 1995 as a way of staying on top of San Francisco's busy arts and technology scene. Despite (or perhaps because of) the site's determined non-commercialism, craigslist survived and even thrived in the post-dot-com days. Now 20 million people visit the site each month, viewing and self-publishing more than 17 million ads and forum posts. With characteristic modesty, Newmark continues to refer himself not as a founder but as a "customer service representative."

In this podcast, Newmark and David Weinberger, author of Everything Is Miscellaneous, discuss craigslist's unstructured approach to managing the site's growth and its features, and what that might mean for planning and strategizing in other areas of business. The old structures of control just don't work. Given the steady success of craigslist, what does?

This podcast interview is the sixth in a series of interviews by Weinberger, sponsored by Wired News and the Harvard Berkman Center for Internet & Society." (