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= "The GoodData gives you back control of your valuable browsing data and lets you do some good with it".



By Paula Newton:

"The company helps to represent people when their data has been used unfairly or without their permission, and it trades people’s data on their behalf. As per the ideas already suggested, the value that is created by the business stays in the hands of those that created it – the producers. People that are owners of the data also benefit from having governance of the organisation as well. This has led these people to be termed not just “prosumers” but instead, “pro-owners”.

It is hoped that other companies will follow suit and there are a number of reasons given why this should be the case. After all the production of data and its harvesting are very cheap to do with technology that is open source. Additionally data is valuable and it can be traded just like everything else, but particularly to the advertising industry. As well as this, data value and liquidity may be utilised for crowdfunding the cooperative. Some of the challenges anticipated with such an organisation are the problems relating to the fact that it does not fit into the bracket of a regular limited company since ownership is more complex.

These ideas are interesting and enlightened and raise a variety of questions that have to be answered, but they open the door potentially to different approaches to data management and its use. TheGoodData is pioneering a path that others will surely follow." (

The entity seems to have been disbanded some time between May and July 2018, when they changed the front page of their site with the message "We have decided to get some rest ... and dissolve TheGoodData Cooperative Ltd."

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