Fredrik Söderqvist on Platform Co-ownership by Workers and Their Trade Unions

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Platform Cooperativism 2016 presentation via


Benefitting All Freelancers 2 - Platform Co-ownership by Workers and Their Trade Unions:

"(14 Mins) Fredrik Söderqvist -- Regulation is one of the key challenges facing platform workers, operators, and legislators. How does one balance the interest of platform workers, platform operators, and third parties who are competing under different sets of rules than their platform competitors? In Sweden, a novel initiative is under development, developed by the trade union Unionen. By creating an institution, jointly owned by platform operators and the worker’s trade unions, existing “analogue” regulation can be translated to digital standards through negotiation between trade unions, platform operators and relevant government agencies. The institution may also handle functions related to resource pooling in areas such as portable benefits, establishing best practices and consumer labeling certification. Fredrik’s presentation covers the basics of this Swedish approach and how the Platform Cooperativism movement could adapt many of its aspects."