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= shared open data models and standards for inter-cooperative cooperation



"We use proven tools and techniques to make important data for the cooperative sector easy to find, use, improve and share.

Cooperative businesses and the organizations that support them need to work together to coordinate resources and engage in effective collective action that advances the cooperative movement. To achieve this, members of the cooperative community must effectively share a wide range of information, data and knowledge with one another.

We believe that #opendata can help — and that the #opendata and cooperative movements can benefit from the best practices of one another.

The cooperative movement wants groups to utilize democratic processes when making important decisions. That's why we're aspiring to be an inclusive and well-run platform cooperative. Learn more about our governance.

The #opendata movement wants information about cooperatives to be organized using open data models co-created by its users. That's the work of our data standards group. The #opendata movement also wants data to be made available in bulk via open file formats and APIs. Browse our datasets and API information below." (