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= insourcing and entrepreneurial commons for the art institutions in NYC



"ArtsPool leverages resources within the field to maximize their use to greater effect and reduce waste within the field. This is markedly different from outsourcing which siphons money away from the field, often at a scale that is not in line with internal compensation and frequently with less specific understanding of the nonprofit arts business context.

Unlike outsourcing companies, ArtsPool’s goal is to control costs for its members, not to make a profit for itself. Further, ArtsPool is owned and governed by its members, so the control of its service provision and cost allocation is directly in the hands of those using the services. ..

ArtsPool’s operational activities are governed by its members. On a rotating basis, elected members serve on ArtsPool’s governance committees, which will meet periodically to review operations and ensure that ArtsPool is responding in real-time to member concerns and issues in the field.

Members have voting rights proportional to their involvement. The membership structure allows for several classes of membership, but not all types of membership will be available from the initial launch, as a certain scale must to be reached before ArtsPool can provide more “a la carte” services." (

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