Legal Rules for Platform Cooperativism

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* Article: The Rules of the Game of Platform Cooperativism. By Guido Smorto. CCCB Lab, 07 FEBRUARY 2017


"Legal regulations play a crucial role in the capacity to successfully design and implement cooperative platforms."


Guido Smorto:

"Platform cooperativism is the shared property and governance alternative that seeks to confront the emerging platform economy developed by multi-million dollar companies like Uber, Airbnb or BlaBlacar. An ecosystem where collaboration between peers ceases to be a source of exploitation and profit for big corporations requires changes in the organizational structures of companies. Thus, the European Union is called upon to legislate and regulate a market that exploits its citizens and leaves them unprotected. Beyond self-governance proposals and innovative organizational tools, we need to think of rules that facilitate the adoption of justice and efficiency principles. The debate remains open: how will the balance tip for future companies?" (