Jason Wiener on the Green Taxi Cooperative in Denver

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Video via https://livestream.com/internetsociety/platformcoop2016/videos/141632691


(16 mins) Jason Wiener, Colorado Cooperative Developers:

"The moniker “Sharing Economy” is re-branding online technology. Platform Cooperativism is re-organizing ownership of online technology. Green Taxi Cooperative, a new union taxicab cooperative is taking the Denver/Boulder metro market by storm. Green Taxi’s 800 driver-member-owners hail from 37 countries, collectively speak over 100 languages, have committed to union membership, and are authorized to capture up to 37% of the Denver/Boulder metro taxicab market. Green Taxi is set to become Colorado’s largest taxicab company, and the nation’s largest taxicab Co-op and second largest worker cooperative. Their app has not only the convenience and functionality of über/Lyft’s, it does much more: it shares 100% ownership among its member-owners. Green Taxi’s market entrance has raised hackles from both the incumbent monopoly-privileged taxicab companies and the transportation network companies. It’s now fighting for fair access at one of the country’s busiest international airports."