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= Dutch Open Source Car project

URL = http://www.cmmn.org/


"the world’s first open-source car. Cumbersomely dubbed “c,mm,n” (say “common”), the vehicle was introduced at AutoRAI in Amsterdam.

The project is a product of the Netherlands Society for Nature and Environment, better known as the “Stichting Natuur en Milieu,” along with a trio of universities: Eindhoven, Enschede, and Delft.

So how is the c,mm,n open-source? The entire vehicle’s genetic makeup (specifications, technical drawings, etc.) are available online to anyone, and the car’s creators hope that people will adapt it to their needs and wants, with the caveat that they must share their modifications with the rest of the community.

The c,mm,n was designed to be an environmentally-conscience family vehicle, so it features a hydrogen fuel cell, and incorporates such features as an advanced sat-nav system that incorporates traffic and parking availability." (http://news.windingroad.com/concept-cars/meet-cmmn-the-worlds-first-open-source-car/)


"launched in March 2007 by The Netherlands Society for Nature and Environment. This project has some serious backing—three technical universities in Delft, Eindhoven and Twente; partners such as the Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs and the Ministry of Transport; and two corporate sponsors, Athlon Car Lease and Rabobank.

The c,mm,n invites designers and users to help develop a “car of the future” whose blueprints will be freely available as “open source” design plans. There will be no formal “end” to the project; it will be an ongoing project carried on by a community of volunteers. All improvements to the design will be available to everyone.

The sponsors of the c,mm,n want to design a car that holds answers to the following questions: *What kind of system do we need to ensure our freedom to move in the future?

  • How do we make the system truly sustainable to people and planet, and ensure that everyone profits from it?
  • What kinds of vehicle would function best in this system?
  • What steps do we take towards creating this system?

  • In the meantime, which elements or ideas can we already put into practice?

A non-working concept version of the c,mm,n was introduced at an Amsterdam car show in March 2007 AutoRAI It is hoped that a proof-of-concept c,mm,n will be presented at the AutoRAI in 2009." (http://onthecommons.org/content.php?id=1720)

3. In their own words:

""c,mm,n is an innovative mobility concept; a new way of developing, manufacturing and using cars. By making the blueprint of the c,mm,n car publicly available under an open-source licence we are able to develop truly sustainable mobility. Just like open-source software, c,mm,n focuses on services around the product. You can use c,mm,n to offer people a lease car, rental car or other mobility services. It is allowed to sell c,mm,n too. Just as long as you make any derived work publicly available again.

c,mm,n is currently in a concept stage. This means that there is a general view on the car, services and possible partners. Actual blueprints do not yet exist. Currently three non-working show models were built to communicate the concept. The aim is to develop a proof-of-concept car, to be demonstrated preferably at the Dutch biannual motorshow (AutoRAI) in 2009." (http://www.cmmn.org/)

Status Report 2008

Jaco Lammers:

"Unfortunately there is a difference between 'could be manufactured' and 'will be manufactured'.

Could be manufactured: technically speaking developing and building a car 'kit-car style' is not such a huge challenge. Technologies to build a car that fulfills most of the goals set, are available. Small scale production therefore could be managed by 2011. But you need loads of money or a huge community. We don't have either of those yet.

Therefore as things progress at the moment, there will be an update of c,mm,n on the 2009 Amsterdam Motor show. By then we have developed the rough package for a full-electric c,mm,n. There will be a brand new developers web platform an we hope to welcome a lot of new members to our community. My current goal is to create a 'developers kit car' for 2011. Probably not road legal yet, and aimed at the market of testcars. It will be quite expensive, but highly configurable. And you get the blueprint with it. It is aimed at corps that test suspensions, electric systems, etc. It will probably be a funded commercial endeavour that results in open-source blueprints."

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