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= making D.I.Y. satellites




"For effective knowledge sharing, OSSI strives for responsible and kind open source project to build satellite. Most of open source projects were good for collecting knowledge but hard to apply the knowledge to users right away. OSSI wants to show various possible situations to meet users' needs. Target audience is beginners but needs contributions from experts. And the experts should find ways to explain concepts in easy descriptive manner. This is very challenging subject, but OSSI will try hard to use drawings and metaphors to show entire satellite building process." (


"Korean artist Hojun Song has built a fully functioning satellite. His tiny satellite is a DIY engineering masterpiece: he hacked together a solar cell, a lithium-ion battery, an Arduino board, and four powerful LED lights. The cube will transmit Morse code messages that can be seen from back on Earth. He has set up the Open Source Satellite Initiative to ensure others can follow. In 2010, he made the Strongest Weapon in the World - I Love You. If you hit it – with an extremely large mallet - it says “I love you”. It can withstand a nuclear attack." (

More Information

Book: "The first artist book of Song hojun, who's leading Open Source Satellite Initiative and making D.I.Y. satellite, is published. Based on artist's sketch and manual of D.I.Y. Satellite, this zine contains thoughts on private space program, its execution plan, and things are going to happen afterward." [1]

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