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= "creating the next paradigm for transportation using a network of unmanned aerial vehicles". [1]



"Matternet Inc. is a startup based in Palo Alto, California, founded by Andreas Raptopoulos, Paola Santana, Dimitar Pachov and Darlene Damm.

Matternet Inc. was formed after developing the fundamental business concepts as part of a team project at Singularity University during the summer of 2011. " (

The Open Source version: ARIA

" The latter group has a grand idea: creating an Internet-like network of AAVs that could one day allow someone to make a one-to-one sale with anyone in the world or send medication quickly to where it’s needed most, simply by delivering goods on a flying autonomous vehicle to its destination. But before Aria (that’s the name of Matternet’s open-source group) does that, it’s teaming up with ReAllocate--an organization that’s building a network of designers and engineers who want to use their expertise to work on humanitarian issues--for an experimental project at Burning Man (if Aria can secure tickets; that’s still up in the air)." (

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