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From the mission statement:

"The Open Space Movement seeks to rally public interest in space colonization through a community-driven public space venture. We aim to develop and provide the educational resources to teach space science and engineering to a worldwide audience, while offering participation through a collaborative design environment, and democratic control of organizational and financial policy.

We will adhere to the spirit of the open-source software paradigm through open-book accounting of all income and expenditures, open access to private and commercial interests, and allowing direct involvement by the community in policy creation and decision making, insofar that proposed changes do not violate our fundamental tenets.

Our plan is to determine the optimal means of doing the greatest good for manned space development. We believe there are several potential means of reaching our stated outcome. Our organization, and associated web site, will serve to harness the sum of our community's combined talents, monetary resources, and initiative to develop a public space venture for the express purpose of enabling affordable space access, establishment of space-borne industry, and to drive the colonization of our home solar system.

We are limited only by public involvement. To flourish, space needs markets, markets need people, and the Open Space Movement aims to unify the public behind a single banner. We call upon the public to support our endeavor, for we seek to challenge the most relentless enemy: time. Time, which has allowed disinterest and boredom to bring Mankind's expansion in space to a standstill. Time, which we must quietly endure, if the realm of space is one day controlled by nationalistic or corporate interests. We fight the time that stands between our earthbound present, and our innate desire to become the first free citizens of space." (

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