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= platform for Minipreneurs



Michael Wolff:

"ki work is truly part of the online work revolution. we see the emergence of a new organisational model that is structured in such a way that “a multitude of independent, self-employed people who contract with one another” are able to complete transactions as reliably, but more cost-effectively, than the conventional firm. this organisational model has been pioneered within the open source development environment ( and described in Yochai Benkler’s seminal work: coase’s penguin, or linux and the nature of the firm.

ki work takes the organisational concepts of sourceforge (where open source projects are organised on a free basis) and translates them into a model where multiple online work projects can be executed with remuneration for the suppliers. just as sourceforge is a utility enabling virtual open projects, so is ki work the utility for paid virtual projects.

Hence ki work’s main differentiator from the elance model: an organisational structure comprised of category marketplaces, which are co-ordinated by category leaders and experts. this forms the basis for the creation of virtually outsourced projects, executed by “a multitude of independent, self-employed people who contract with one another”. (